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Article: What is the most popular tea?

What is the most popular tea?

What is the most popular tea?

The 5 most popular teas with great tea flavor and taste! How many have you drunk? There is a long record of tea drinking in history, and it is no longer possible to identify exactly in what era, but the general era is claimed. And evidence can also be found to show that indeed the habit of drinking tea in many parts of the world was passed on from China. Good 5 kinds of tea, tea aroma, taste excellent, you have drunk a few kinds of it?

What is the most popular tea
Dragon Well

Longjing tea we are more familiar with, the most famous is probably the Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea, this tea color green, taste especially fragrant, steep a pot, the fragrance of the house can be smelled, work fatigue people often drink Longjing tea, can relieve fatigue, improve the human thinking and attention, drinking tea can also lower blood pressure, like some people with high blood pressure should drink more tea.

Dongting Biluochun

Dongting Biluochun, also known as Scared Fury incense, produced in Suzhou, Taihu Lake, Dongting Mountain, tightly knotted, curled into a snail, white hair exposed, leaf buds young, bright tea broth, taste fragrant and rich, and even this tea there is an interesting jingle: "Copper wire strip, spiral, covered with hair, flowery and fruity, fresh and refreshing,".

Anji White Tea

This tea is grown in Zhejiang Province, where the unique maritime monsoon climate brings a different flavor to this tea. After the tea farmers pick the new leaves, they are usually only dried in the sun or over a gentle fire and then processed. Compared to ordinary green tea, the amino acid content of this tea is much higher than ordinary green tea, and it has a lighter taste with almost no bitter flavor.


Tieguanyin contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols and alkaloids, and has a variety of nutritional and medicinal components with health care functions. In the Republic of China in eight years from Fujian Anxi introduced Mujia district test planting, divided into "red heart Tieguanyin" and "green heart Tieguanyin" two kinds, the main producing areas in the Wenshan District, the tree belongs to the horizontal tension type, thick and hard branches and trunks, the leaf is more sparse, fewer buds and thicker leaves, the yield is not high, but the production of packets of tea quality is high, the production period is later than the green heart oolong, the production period is later than the green heart oolong. The production period is later than the green heart oolong.

Black Tea

Black tea is warm in nature and can relieve grease. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, black tea can enter the kidney meridian, which is suitable for people with sore throat, no appetite, cold hands and feet, no luster on the face, aching waist and knees, and loss of libido. The common Pu-erh tea also belongs to the black tea, but Pu-erh raw tea is more cold, suitable for the special endowment and damp-heat body; Pu-erh ripe tea is mild, suitable for blood stasis and phlegm-damp body. China's tea culture has a long history, and in recent years, many young people have begun to enter the world of tea culture, where I hope that more young people will understand and come into contact with Chinese tea culture, and appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.
What is the most popular tea
Many netizens also like to do some personality tests on the Internet, in fact, by looking at the tea you love to drink can also tell your character Oh! Tea has tea nature, people have human nature. Tea and human nature can actually be intertwined and integrated with each other. Like what kind of tea, there will be and tea compatible character temperament. See what kind of character temperament you have!

  • Green Tea

They are happy people, with a bright smile and sparkling eyes, high-speed metabolism makes them impatient and impatient, do things fast, talk fast, move even faster, the only fast not up is to fall asleep.

  • Black Tea

Black tea is characterized by mellow and full-bodied taste, mellow aroma, deep and thick soup color, and in all aspects of the performance of the point of view will only leave people with an impression: low-key and modest. This type of tea is after a long period of late transformation before the flavor will be presented, just like people after decades of flamboyance precipitated into the wisdom of life, depth without fanfare. People who like to drink black tea are generally more low-key and modest in life.

  • Yellow Tea

Tea with a certain degree of similarity to green tea, yellow tea, in the production and processing with the process of smothering the yellow tea leaves yellow, is the six major types of tea in the slightly fermented tea, because of the annual production is not high, the audience is smaller. Yellow tea is light in flavor but not bitter, most people who love yellow tea are full of romance and sentimental storytellers, with a kind and soft heart.

  • Black Tea

Black tea is fully fermented, with red leaves and red soup as its specialty. The aroma of black tea is floral, fruity and honeyed. Regardless of the variety of black tea, the flavor is never less than sweet. The sweetness of black tea is not a sweet and cloying sweetness, but a sweetness that is so acceptable that even infrequent tea drinkers will not reject it. Just like people who like to drink black tea, they are easy-going and down-to-earth, and they will feel relaxed when they are with people who drink black tea.

  • Oolong Tea Type

Oolong tea has the most and richest flavor of all the tea types because it is semi-fermented, between green tea and black tea. It is not easy to control the degree of fermentation just right, one point less is not enough and one point more is too much. People who like Oolong tea have an independent mind, never take life in their own hands, and will never be shaken by external influences, bold and firm. This kind of people, when things are calm and unhurried, do not take things for granted, do not take their own sadness.

What is the most popular tea

  • White Tea

People who love to drink white tea, like white tea, simple and generous, natural and not pretentious. They are like the sunshine white tea, full of sunshine flavor, optimism, cheerful, positive energy. They never hide in themselves, in people do not play tricks, simple and simple. It is worthwhile to cherish such friends.

  • Flower tea type

Flowers are beautiful elves, fell into the water, dancing in the water, flower tea is not only good to drink, just watching the flowers dancing in the water, you will be able to be able to beautifully daze an afternoon. Flower tea has magical healing properties, not only because of its beauty and aroma, but also because a person who likes to drink flower tea must be a romantic and happy person.

  • Pu-erh Tea

Friends who like Pu'er tea will have other common preferences, such as sandalwood, incense, calligraphy, beads and other things that give people a sense of "heaviness", and generally speaking, people who have experienced some life experience will fall in love with them. Therefore, this kind of friends do things pragmatically, do not force people to be difficult, in the circle of friends belongs to the thinker-like existence.

Different teas have different flavors, different people have different personalities, and it's because of these differences that the world is so exciting. Of course, this is a small test, no matter what kind of tea you like to drink, tea drinker's character is not too bad, tea drinker's mentality and temperament are very good, tea drinker's friends must be more.

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