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Article: Are black tea and green tea the same?

Are black tea and green tea the same?

Are black tea and green tea the same?

Tea has been in people's lives for thousands of years. There are countless categories of tea that have been accumulated and deposited as a result. Among them, the two types of tea with the widest audience are green tea and black tea.

Are black tea and green tea the same?
So what is the difference between green tea and black tea?
What do the differences represent?
What are the health benefits of each?
Before discussing these issues, let's take a brief look at ......

Green tea and black tea production method is different

Tea production method is one of the bases for categorizing the "six tea types".
Under different production methods, tea leaves will show different qualities, firstly in color and luster. For example, green tea is characterized by "clear soup and green leaves"; black tea is characterized by "red soup and red leaves".

Green tea's "clear soup and green leaves" comes from the greening process.
Freshly picked tea leaves, after high temperature greening, the enzyme activity is destroyed, blocking the fermentation of tea leaves into red, thus retaining the green color. The green color is retained, and the green odor of the fresh leaves is removed, resulting in the fresh aroma of green tea.

The "red soup and red leaves" of black tea comes from the fermentation process.
The essence of fermentation is that the tissue of the fresh leaves is broken, so that the inner substances, which originally have no intersection, can come into contact with each other and undergo oxidation.

Therefore, the kneading of tea leaves is very critical. During the kneading, the cells of the fresh leaves are broken by the force, the tea juice comes into contact with the air, and the fermentation of the tea leaves begins.

Generally, black tea kneading time is longer than green tea, the pressure is larger than green tea, and after that, a separate "fermentation" process is carried out, and it does not go through the "greening" process. This creates the unique characteristics of black tea.

Green tea black tea composition is different
When tasting, you can find the obvious quality differences between the two.
Green tea, clear broth and green leaves, fresh and crisp flavor, aroma of light, bean, chestnut, weak apple and so on.

Are black tea and green tea the same?
Black tea, red soup and red leaves, mellow and sweet flavor, aroma of flowers or fruity, such as honey, potato, longan and so on.
The difference in quality stems from the difference in their composition.
Among the water-soluble flavor substances, green tea contains more catechins (astringent) and caffeine (bitter). The water-soluble polysaccharide content of black tea, relatively higher.

Among the volatile aroma substances, green tea is mainly characterized by linalool, geraniol, jasmine ketone and similar substances as volatile substances, and these compounds make a major contribution to the green tea's fragrant odor. Black tea mainly to hexanal, damascenone and other components with sweet flavor, tropical fruit flavor, rose fragrance as volatile substances.

  • The health advantages of green tea and black tea

Different components, both in health care, also has its own advantages.

Green tea, catechins have superior antioxidant capacity. Catechins have health functions such as lowering blood glucose, blood lipids and blood pressure, scavenging free radicals, sterilizing, delaying aging, and fighting cancer.

At present, catechins are recognized as "the most ideal anti-cancer substance extracted from natural plants after paclitaxel".

Black tea, tea polysaccharide has important application value. The active polysaccharides have unique physiological activities and pharmacological effects in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and enhancement of immunity.

Are black tea and green tea the same?

Black tea due to the fermentation process, so that the astringent tea polyphenols formed a lot of more gentle oxidation products, so the gastrointestinal stimulation is small, tea mild.

In general, these ingredients in tea, the human body are beneficial to health care-oriented, non-curative medicine. And they are in all types of tea, just different weight. Therefore, it is more important for people to drink comfortably.

  • Today, we will talk to you in the hearts of many tea drinkers, the highest status, the best flavor of these 5 kinds of black tea, see if there is your hometown?

► I, Keemun black tea

Since to say black tea, then have to mention the Keemun black tea, it is recognized as the boss of the black tea industry.

Keemun black tea produced in Keemun County, Anhui Province, also known as "Qi Hong". It is not only in the domestic high fame, also enjoys a high reputation in the international community, is the European royal family's favorite drink. The Queen of England even praised it, saying she smelled the spring of China in its fragrance.

The raw materials of Qihong are selected from locally produced high-quality tea trees, carefully crafted, its aroma is high, like flowers like honey like fruit, known as the unique "Qimen Xiang".

Characteristics: Its dry tea color and lustre of u run, strip shape fine and uniform, young hair exposed; soup color red and bright, high mellow aroma, taste mellow and sweet and thick, leaf bottom red bright.

Zhengshan Xiao Seed

Zhengshan Xiao Seed, can be said to be the most capable and Qihong a showdown, because Zhengshan Xiao Seed is the originator of black tea, is the world's earliest black tea.

Its origin is in Tongmuguan, Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, where the natural environment is favorable, and has always been a tea-producing area, which produces countless good teas. Zhengshan Xiaojiao has a unique feature, that is, its aroma, with a characteristic pine smoke fragrance. However, due to the mixed reaction in the market, some people love it, and some people can't accept it, so it has been improved now, and there are not many small breed black teas with pine smoke aroma.

Characteristics: The shape of its stripes fat and thick, dark and oily color, after brewing, the soup color is red, thick and bright, the inner quality of the aroma is high, the unique pine smoke aroma wrapped in floral aroma, mellow taste, there is a taste of osmanthus, throat rhyme is obvious.

►Three, fairy mist phoenix tea

Speaking of tea, it is necessary to mention the Sichuan tea, after all, the land of Sichuan is the birthplace of tea, the tea produced naturally will not be bad.

Xianwu Fengming is a specialty black tea in Yibin, Sichuan, where is the "hometown of Sichuan red", is the famous tea in Sichuan "Tianfu Dragon Bud" under the banner of the mountain black tea, protected by the National Geographic Indication.

Although its quality is outstanding, but as a help to agricultural products, its positioning is the popular ration tea, so the price has not been high, has been the tea drinkers as the Sichuan red flat replacement to drink.

Its origin at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level in the mountains, where the soil is acidic, rich in minerals, mountain streams and streams are densely populated, the temperature is suitable, conducive to the growth of tea trees, the tea has accumulated a large number of nutrients, the taste is more mellow and palatable.

It is worth mentioning that the production process of this tea has a great deal of origin, is the national intangible cultural heritage, so this tea retains a large number of nutrients, the aroma is more fragrant, and gives people a rich aftertaste!

Characteristics: Its dry tea is tight and heavy, slightly curved, dark and moist in color, with a nice dry aroma; after brewing with hot water, the tea aroma is further awakened, and the sweet orange sugar fragrance comes to the nose and refreshes the heart; Tea broth orange and yellow translucent, thick texture, drink to the mouth, especially smooth and delicate, sweet and mellow, not at all astringent, full of rich layered taste, drink is refreshing.

►Four, Dian Hong

Yunnan is also the hometown of tea, not only Pu'er tea is very famous, the local production of black tea is also very high quality, because the local has a unique large-leafed species of tea trees, this tea tree grows out of raw materials used to do black tea is no longer appropriate.

Dian Hong was created in the Republic of China, produced in Yunnan, Lincang, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna area, the origin of its high altitude, rolling peaks, mild climate, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, so that its tea tree growth is very tall and strong, buds and leaves, fat, rich in internal substances.

Characteristics: Stripe fat, color black with gold, the surface is covered with golden hair, after brewing, the soup color red and bright, aroma fragrance fresh sharp, taste strong sweet and mellow, the characteristics are more distinctive.

►V. Yingde Black Tea

Although Guangdong's tea is not well known, its quality is still good.
Yingde black tea is one of the brighter one, is the rising star of the black tea industry, now quite popular. Yingde black tea tea tree is introduced from Yunnan, large-leafed tea, after the introduction, with excellent quality and Dian Hong, Qi Hong and known as China's top three black tea, can be seen that its momentum is very fierce.

Characteristics: The shape of the cord is tight and heavy, tender and even, the color is oily and glossy; the soup color is red and bright, the aroma is fresh and mellow, the taste is thick and sweet, it is a black tea with excellent color and flavor.

  • Ten green tea taste introduction

  1, West Lake Longjing: is China's first famous tea, produced in West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Lion Peak, Longjing, Wuyunshan, Tiger, Meijiawu area, historically has been divided into "lion, dragon, cloud, tiger, plum" five categories, which is believed to be produced in the Lion Peak quality is the best. Longjing is known for its "green color, lush fragrance, mellow taste and beautiful shape". The shape of light flat straight, color Cui slightly yellow like brown rice color, taste sweet and mellow, aroma elegant and high, soup color turquoise yellow Ying; leaf bottom tender into a flower.

  2, Dongting Biluochun: one of China's famous green tea. Produced in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Taihu Lake Dongting Mountain. Taihu Lake is a vast, blue water ripples, the smoke is vast. Dongting Mountain is located on the shores of Lake Taihu, East Mountain is like a giant boat into the peninsula of Lake Taihu, West Mountain is a few kilometers apart, standing in the lake of islands, West Mountain climate is mild, warm in winter and cool in summer, fresh air, cloudy and foggy, is a unique environment for the growth of tea, coupled with fine picking, workmanship, the formation of a distinctive quality characteristics. Biluochun tea leaves with spring from the tea tree picking under the tender buds fried and become. The tea leaves are tightly knotted, with the white hairs showing, silver-green color, greenish-blue and attractive, curling into a snail, hence the name "Bigelow Spring". Soup color is clear and bright, rich and sweet, fresh and refreshing, long aftertaste; leaf bottom is tender and green.

Are black tea and green tea the same?

  3, Kaihua Long Ding: Zhejiang is one of the newly developed high-quality tea, referred to as Long Ding. Produced in Kaihua County, Qixi Township, Dalongshan, Suzhuang Township, Shi Ershan, Zhangwan Township and other places. Kaihua Long Ding famous tea, since the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen years was listed as tribute, whenever the eve of Qingming have to use fast horses and boats to the capital, was the emperor, ministers to enjoy, deeply favored.

  4, bamboo leaf green tea, one of China's famous tea series, for the green tea category, produced in Sichuan Province, Mount Emei." Bamboo leaf green" is both tea varieties, but also its trademark and company name, belonging to the Sichuan Province Emeishan bamboo leaf green tea industry Co. Its shape is flat and straight like bamboo leaves, color and lustre of tender green oily; soup color yellow-green bright, leaf bottom light green uniform tender; taste mellow and refreshing, after drinking the aftertaste sweet.

  Bamboo leaf green tea in the spring began to pick, picking the new leaves after sieving a bud and a leaf, picking the new leaves after killing, kneading, baking and other crafts from the finished tea to the green tone. The finished tea is mainly green in color. It is divided into two grades: Taste and Meditation, and the selection of Meditation grade tea is better than that of Taste grade tea. The process is sophisticated, low temperature and moderate frying tea, less leaf casting, about 150 grams per pot, skillfully used shake, scratch, skimming, pressure and other processes, a frying molding.

Are black tea and green tea the same?
  5, Huangshan Mao Feng: Huangshan Mao Feng tea originated in the Qing Dynasty during the Guangxu period, Huangshan tea picking is quite fine, recognizing the Qingming to the summer for the picking period, picking back the buds and leaves but also picking, picking off the older leaves, stems, so that the buds are uniform and consistent. In the production, according to the quality of buds and leaves, control the killing temperature, do not produce red stalks, red leaves and kill the phenomenon of uneven and impermeable; fire temperature should be first high and then low, and gradually decline, the leaves with the temperature uniformity, physical and chemical changes in the same. Produced in Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province, mainly distributed in the peach blossom peak of the cloud Valley Temple, Songguan, hanging bridge castration, Ciguang Pavilion and half of the temple around. Here high forests, short sunshine, more clouds, natural conditions are very favorable, the tea tree to the clouds of moisture, no heat and cold invasion, embedded into a good quality. Huangshan Mao Feng picking very fine. Made of Mao Feng tea appearance of fine flat slightly curved, like a bird's tongue, fragrant as white orchids, taste mellow and sweet.

  6, Tianshan green tea: a long history, more than the production of high-grade flower tea tea blanks, belonging to the green tea category. Produced in Fujian Province Gap East Zone of the Tianshan Mountain range, across Ningde, Gutian, Pingnan County. Its quality characteristics: long and thin line, uniform, white hair show body, with three green (appearance of green, soup color green, green leaf bottom), aroma thick and long high, sweet aftertaste, thick and short mouth, resistant to brewing. Representative varieties: Tianshan Mao Feng, Tianshan Yin Hao, Qing Shui green tea.

  7, Taiping Hou Kui, belongs to the green tea category tip tea, is China's famous historical tea, created in 1900. Has appeared in the unofficial selection of the "ten famous teas" in the series. Taiping Monkey Kui is produced in the area of Xinming, Longmen and Sankou in Huangshan District (former Taiping County) at the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. The appearance of Taiping Monkey Kui is two leaves holding buds, flat and straight, naturally spreading, with white hairs hidden, which is known as "Monkey Kui with two sharp ends, no scattering, no warping, no curling edge". The leaf color is pale green and uniformly moist, the leaf veins are green and steady red, the orchid fragrance is high and refreshing, the taste is mellow and sweet, there is a unique monkey rhyme, the soup color is clear and green, the leaf bottom is tender and green and uniformly bright, and the buds and leaves are plump and strong. And won the honor. In addition, there is its tea culture, health effects. And there are special books to introduce. (I am drinking! Good) because China only ten famous tea! Green tea does not have the top ten dividing line!

  8, Xinyang Mao Jian: the main origin in Xinyang City, Henan Province Shihe District in the west of Shihe Harbor, Dongjiahe, Wu Jiaxian townships in the deep mountainous areas, the southern East Shuanghe, Liu Lin, Li Jiazhai, Tanjiahe, thirteen miles of the bridge as well as the Pingqiao District of the Pingqiao Township townships of the part of the high mountainous areas and shallow mountainous areas. The finished product is thin, round and straight, with bright green color and white hair showing; the soup color is clear and green and bright, the aroma is fresh and high, and the taste is fresh and mellow; the bottom of the leaf buds are strong, tender and green and even.

  9, Mount Lu Yunwu: produced in Mount Lu, Jiangxi Province. Known as "Kuanglu show" Mount Lu, north of the Yangtze River, south of Poyang Lake, mild climate, beautiful landscape is very suitable for the growth of tea trees. Mount Lu Yunwu buds fat hair show, beautiful lines, strong flavor and sweetness, clear soup color, is a boutique in green tea.

Are black tea and green tea the same?

10, Liu'an Gua Pian: is a national historical tea, one of China's top ten classic green tea. Liu'an Gua Pian (also known as piece of tea), for green tea special tea. Picked from the local endemic varieties, by wrenching piece, picking off the shoots and tea stems, through the unique traditional processing technology made of slices of tea shaped like melon seeds. Produced in the western Anhui Dabie Mountain tea area, including Lu'an, Jinzhai, Huoshan County products are the best. Liu'an Gua Pian is picked in spring every year, and the finished tea is in the shape of melon seeds, hence the name, with bright green color, high fragrance, sweet taste and freshness, resistant to brewing. This tea can not only quench the thirst of the summer heat, but also has a strong digestive effect and healing effect, the Ming Dynasty Wenlong in the "Tea Paper", said the most efficacy of Lu'an tea into the medicine, and therefore is regarded as a precious product.

  In general, high-quality green tea is more delicate, tea flavor is light, need to put more tea leaves. But it is also not as astringent as ordinary tea, which highlights the tender tea "sweet", this seemingly sweet taste is the focus of our tea.

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