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Article: Why tea is good for hair

Why tea is good for hair

Why tea is good for hair

Carbonated drinks, juice drinks, milk drinks ...... These drinks are all better than drinking tea. Thousands of years of tea culture, drinking tea is not without reason. Good tea contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, a variety of vitamins and other ingredients, especially a variety of antioxidant substances can eliminate free radicals, is considered to be a godsend for anti-aging and de-greasing. Drinking tea in moderation is also conducive to hair nourishment and hair growth. Ancient people seldom had hair loss, and their natural tea drinking and light diet actually have a lot to do with it.

Why black tea is good for hair

Why drinking tea can nourish hair?

1、 High vitamin content

Tea contains more than 300 kinds of nutrients, including vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin E, trace elements and other components beneficial to hair growth, as a beverage, the nutritional value is very super. Some people do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, then a cup of tea every day can play a complementary role.

2、 Remove grease

Seborrheic alopecia patients have very oily hair, this kind of hair loss can drink some green tea. Tea contains aromatic compounds, which can promote the decomposition of fats and help digestion. Some people because of the diet greasy hair loss, appropriate to drink some tea whether from the taste or from the stomach and intestines can play a role in solving the role of grease, but also will alleviate the degree of seborrheic alopecia.

3, stop hair thinning

Tea drink is an anti-aging magic weapon, 1 mg of tea polyphenols to remove harmful excess free radicals in the human muscle is equivalent to the efficacy of 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the effect is very amazing. This anti-aging ingredient can strengthen cell activity, inhibit the rate of cell degeneration (including hair follicle cells), slow down the degree of hair softening, thinning, to a certain extent, is also to maintain hair health.

4、 Promote blood circulation

Tea polyphenols and caffeine are beneficial to the nervous system regulation of the ingredients, can promote human metabolism and blood microcirculation. After drinking tea generally have a refreshing feeling, which is a manifestation of enhanced blood circulation, especially in the scalp area of the blood circulation, to stimulate hair growth is helpful.

Why black tea is good for hair

About the benefits of drinking tea, in addition to hair growth, for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis have a significant effect, not only the Chinese are convinced, Western medicine also agrees with this type of point of view, the World Health Organization in 1992, the Hong Kong Declaration of Victoria that the world's best beverage is green tea; the world's top ten healthiest foods, green tea is also the only drink on the list, the visible effect is indeed extraordinary!

These tea drinking methods can enhance the efficacy

1, through the degree of fermentation to choose to drink tea

Tea has green tea, yellow tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, black tea and other categories, the main basis is the degree of fermentation. Among them, green tea is unfermented tea, the highest nutritional value, Longjing, Mao Jian, Biluochun these are classic green tea, suitable for health.

2, the time to drink tea

Don't drink too much tea before and after meals, it will affect digestion. Do not drink too much tea before going to bed, affecting sleep. There is a "three cups of tea a day" approach to health, we can recommend:

  • 9 a.m. a cup of flower tea, morning tea should be fragrant and refreshing, invigorating.
  • 1 p.m. a cup of green tea, afternoon tea is used to maintain health, reduce blood lipids, protect blood vessels, green tea is most suitable.
  • A cup of black tea at 6 p.m., black tea for dinner warms, repels cold, and has the least impact on sleep.
If there is not so much time, then a cup of green tea every day will do.

3、 Add other ingredients

Tea can also be paired with other ingredients, such as wolfberry, chrysanthemum, rose, astragalus, angelica, etc., to strengthen the effect of drinking tea, you can also add some honey to the tea, not only the flavor has a sweet aroma, but also very suitable for hair and beauty.
Why black tea is good for hair

These tea drinking methods are not desirable

1, drink tea too strong

Tea polyphenols in strong tea is excessive, it is easy to make people excited, especially at night drinking strong tea will certainly affect sleep, triggering a series of health risks.

2、 Overnight tea

Overnight tea can not be drunk, bacteria love to grow in the cold tea water, more unclean than the overnight cold water.

Why black tea is good for hair

3, fever, stomach problems, menstruation, do not drink tea

Drinking tea has a slightly elevated body temperature, promote the effect of gastric acid secretion, so when sick, it is best not to drink tea, especially fever, stomach problems, menstruation of these three cases, drinking tea will make you feel more uncomfortable.

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