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Article: Why tea is Healthy?

Why tea is Healthy?

Why tea is Healthy?

Why tea is Healthy?A new study by a team of researchers from CUHK Hospital affiliated with Southeast University, published in the 2023 European Association for the Study of Diabetes, found that people who drank black tea every day had a 47% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who did not drink tea.

Why tea is Healthy?

Specifically, after taking into account diabetes risk factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, and smoking status, the researchers found that, compared to people who never drank tea, those who drank tea daily

Urinary sugar excretion increased by 0.11. (meaning that it lowers blood sugar levels in the body)

Triglyceride-glucose TyG index decreased by 0.23. (Lower TyG means it improves insulin resistance and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease)

15% lower risk of pre-diabetes

28% lower risk of type 2 diabetes

Among those who drank black tea every day, the figures were even bigger and the impact more significant. For example, the risk of type 2 diabetes was reduced by 47% and the risk of pre-diabetes by 53%.

Why tea is Healthy?
What are the other benefits of drinking tea?

What are the other benefits of drinking tea? Have to mention the "three treasures" in tea:

Tea polyphenols, caffeine, theanine.

Tea polyphenol: is the source of astringent flavor of tea, is also the main active ingredient in tea, with antioxidant effect. The content of tea polyphenols in tea is as high as 18%-36%.

Caffeine: A central nervous system stimulant that refreshes the mind.

Theanine: makes tea fresh and refreshing, with pleasurable, anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue effects.

Why tea is Healthy?

As you can see, these 3 main ingredients in tea not only contribute to the unique flavor of tea, but also bring us the benefits we used to know such as refreshing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue.

However, it is worth noting that everyone has a different constitution and condition, so it is crucial to choose the right tea for you. Choose the right tea, only health.

Hot and dry constitution

Usually, fear of heat, easy to fire, easy to dry mouth, hot and dry constitution should drink cool tea. Green tea and lightly fermented yellow tea are cool teas.

Green tea:

Green tea is unfermented, sweet and bitter in flavor, cool and cold. Because it is cold, it is suitable for people with body heat and stomach heat.
Green tea is rich in vitamins C and E, which can resist radiation and antioxidants. People who often work on the computer can also drink more.

And those who are prone to cold stomach and cold body and prone to insomnia should not drink more. People with bad stomach and intestines, also do not drink more. The tannic acid content in green tea will stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing the gastric mucosa to secrete too much gastric acid.

● White tea:

Cold in nature. The amino acids and fluorine in it help protect oral health, and the active enzymes are good for promoting blood sugar balance. It is suitable for people with toothache and fire, bright eyes, liver protection, smokers and alcoholics to ingest. Those with cold stomachs should drink it after meals.

Yellow Tea:

A lightly fermented tea, cold in nature. It helps to clear heat and reduce fire, promote the production of body fluid and moisturize dryness, eliminate food stagnation and help digestion, suitable for people who need to clear fire.

Cold body

People with a cold body who are afraid of cold and have a cold stomach should drink warm or neutral teas, of which black tea and Pu'er tea are warm teas.

Black tea:

Fully fermented tea with a sweet flavor and warm nature. Suitable for girls who usually have cold hands and feet and are more afraid of cold. It can drive away cold and warm the stomach. However, people with stones and those who are prone to fire should not drink it.

In addition, black tea can also promote gastrointestinal digestion and unclog blood vessels. Lowering blood fat, blood sugar, strong bones, suitable for the elderly to drink. The polyphenols in black tea have the ability to inhibit the vitality of substances that destroy bone cells.

Why tea is Healthy?

● Pu-erh tea:

Warm in nature and has a good refreshing effect. It is also suitable for people who like greasy food. Pu-erh ripe tea can help digestion, block the body's absorption of cholesterol, and promote the elimination of cholesterol.

Heavily fermented oolong teas such as Dahongpao are neutral teas and can also be drunk. Oolong tea will be mentioned below.

Suitable for most people

● Black tea:

Warm in nature, it can warm the spleen and stomach, and lower the three highs. It is suitable for smokers and drinkers and those with three highs, but most people and those with a weak and cold constitution can drink it, and it is more suitable for the elderly. However, it is not recommended for people with anemia or low blood sugar.

Green Tea/Oolong Tea:

It is a semi-fermented tea with a flat nature. It helps to eliminate fatigue, reduce fatigue, lose weight, and lower blood lipids. In Japan, it is called "beauty tea" and "fitness tea". But should not drink on an empty stomach.

In addition, in terms of age, the elderly are more suitable for drinking black tea, Pu'er tea, black tea.

Not only should you drink the right tea for you, but there are also many precautions to take when drinking tea, otherwise it may harm your health and you may as well not drink it.

Tea should not be equated with water

If you equate the number of times you drink tea with the number of times you drink water, it may lead to frequent trips to the toilet to urinate, thus increasing the burden on the kidneys. Moreover, drinking only tea without water can irritate the stomach and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

A healthy adult can drink about 600ml of tea per day, 150ml of water up to 3g of tea, tea is not more than 12g per day.

For people over 50 years old, tea should be light, about 400ml, 200ml of water up to 3g of tea leaves, tea not more than 10g per day. children and pregnant women are not recommended to drink tea.

Should not drink strong tea

Why tea is Healthy?

Some tea lovers, long-term tea, not satisfied with a small amount of tea, like to add tea leaves violently. However, a large amount of caffeine in strong tea can easily cause excessive brain excitation and induce palpitations. And it may also stimulate the stomach and intestines and harm the kidneys.

Should not drink tea on an empty stomach

Drinking tea in the morning is fine, but don't drink tea on an empty stomach. Drinking tea on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, it is easier to feel hungry, and people with fragile stomach and intestines are prone to stomach pain after drinking tea on an empty stomach. It may also trigger dizziness and panic.

Should not drink tea immediately after meals

The ellagic acid in tea enters our gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the secretion of gastric acid and intestinal fluids, which may give us indigestion. In addition, tannic acid will also combine with proteins to form ellagitannins, leading to dry stools.

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