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Article: When does the tea expire How to store tea

When does the tea expire How to store tea

When does the tea expire How to store tea

Many friends like to drink tea, usually we will buy tea for gifts, tea for guests, tea in our China is also part of a very traditional culture, but many people have a problem is the expiration of the tea in the end can not drink? 
When does the tea expire How to store tea

Tea in life once the shelf life is recommended that we do not drink, because the tea flavor and loss of nutritional value of this tea has declined, and like this expired tea is also the most susceptible to moisture, which also produces a lot of aflatoxin, if said to drink this expired tea, our body will also have a certain impact, so tea in life once the expiration date is not to drink it oh.

The first tea is black tea. Black tea in the life of many friends can be encountered, the shelf life of black tea is generally in a year or so, if the vacuum packaging or aluminum foil packaging, this black tea can be saved for 18 months.

The second kind of tea is white tea. White tea has no shelf life, so the value of white tea in the market is also very high, we only need to save it, put it in a dry and ventilated place to save, white tea naturally will not expire.

If the white tea once damp, we can not drink, it is equivalent to it has deteriorated expired, so in life we must pay attention to Oh.

The third kind of tea is Tieguanyin. Tieguanyin its shelf life is also on the short side, generally only in a year or so, we save the Tieguanyin, put in the freezer negative 18 degrees under the condition of preservation, this time can also directly extend the shelf life of Tieguanyin of six months, at the same time, Tieguanyin we should be drunk while we can, once the expiration date is not to drink Oh.

If there is expired tea at home, we do not have to worry about wasting it, in life also this three wonderful Oh, next teach you how to use the expired tea.
When does the tea expire How to store tea
Directly prepare a paper towel, and then the tea poured on top of the paper towel, the use of paper towels wrapped around the tea, so it will become a tea bag, and then the hands of rubber bands, it will be tied tightly, you can take it to utilize it.

The first use of expired tea, remove the moldy smell in the closet. We will directly put the tea bag inside the closet, because the closet will usually have some unpleasant odor, will directly use the tea polyphenols, used to remove the odor, and theophylline can prevent some cockroaches into the odor.

The second use of expired tea, remove shoe odor. Sometimes shoes will inevitably have some odor, directly with tea tea polyphenol flavor to play an aroma effect, so that an easy to remove the odor, while the tea adsorption is also very strong, so that this to prevent the breeding of bacteria inside the shoes is also very good, the next time you can make use of this method Oh.

The third use of expired tea, bathroom odor. We can also choose to put the tea gang in the bathroom, because usually we use the bathroom when the toilet will find that there will be some odor, and even some mosquitoes, and the tea polyphenol flavor of the tea, can play an aroma effect, but also to prevent some mosquitoes in the bathroom row spin.

After reading everyone should understand clearly the hazards of expired tea, so that if the home has expired tea, do not drink, you can turn it into treasure, is also a good.

First of all, what is the difference between the preservation of the six major types of tea?

Overall, all changes are the same, or 11 words of truth.

  • Sealed, dry, protected from light, cool, and free of odor.
When does the tea expire How to store tea
However, due to the different processes, the storage focus of each tea category is not quite the same.

For example, if you want to preserve green tea, you have to consciously control the temperature.

Because green tea is killed but not fermented, it has a high content of tea polyphenols and other natural substances in the body, which makes it fresh and refreshing to drink.

However, it is also destined to have a short shelf life.

  • Especially to the outside temperature changes, especially sensitive.

If you leave green tea in a high-temperature environment, it will soon oxidize, chlorophyll will decompose in large quantities, and the fresh and refreshing substances will be severely depleted.

When you take it out to drink, you will find that the green tea has become "yellow tea" - no longer fresh green, or oxidized yellow, fresh flavor loss, no characteristics.

Based on this situation, the general shelf life of green tea is only about 1 year.

If you want to extend the shelf life, it is best to keep green tea in the refrigerator, relying on the low-temperature condensing environment to keep green tea fresh.

Therefore, you will often find that all tea stores that sell green tea will have a freezer.

Inside the freezer, nothing else is kept, but green tea.

Compared to the past when there were no refrigerators or freezers and green tea was prone to spoilage, the shelf life of green tea nowadays has been extended to a great extent.

But even so, it is still recommended that friends who like to drink green tea, according to the specific frequency of tea to start.

The green tea of the year, it is best to drink it that year.

After all, the biggest characteristic of green tea is to drink fresh.

If there is no fresh flavor at all, leaving only a dull stale flavor, what is green tea worth drinking?

Refrigerator can only play an auxiliary role, can not be completely dependent on, and storage, must pay attention to sealing.

By the way, the fragrant type of Tieguanyin, also advocate to put into the refrigerator to save.

As for other white tea, rock tea, black tea, black tea, etc., all only need to be placed in room temperature conditions can be preserved.

Cold and humid environment is not conducive to storage, and there is a risk of moisture deterioration.

The 3

Which of the six tea types is the most "delicate" when it comes to preservation?

Personally, I think this award should be given to white tea.

As we all know, the process of white tea is the most simple, no frying, no kneading, no killing.

The essence of the process lies in the fact that, under the premise of not destroying the natural nutrients as much as possible, the excess water in the tea leaves is drained out.
When does the tea expire How to store tea
And, as dry as it can be made, as dry as it can be made.

According to the requirement in the national standard is that the water content of the finished white tea should not be higher than 8.5%.

Of course, in order to preserve the tea more smoothly and to prevent moisture during storage, experienced tea growers will often make the white tea drier.

For example, Master S's White Hair Silver Needle is modeled after the export-grade Tai Mo Silver Needle, which has a water content of 3%.

What kind of concept is this?

You know, even the rock tea with roasting, when it is just roasted, the water content is around 3%. This kind of extremely dry dryness, for rock tea, may be just a small matter, but for the process of simple white tea, is very rare.

  • Back to the main topic, since the white tea "afraid" of water, the key to storage, is to prevent moisture.

Three-layer packaging, away from the wall away from the ground, to avoid frequent opening of the box, these requirements, are to prevent excessive exposure to external water vapor white tea.

The three-layer packaging method is, by far, the best choice for storing white tea.

A layer of aluminum bags, a layer of food-grade plastic bags, and a layer of five-layer corrugated boxes not only prevent water vapor intrusion, but also protect against light, heat, and odors.

Living in such a fortress, the white tea will be able to age in peace.
In addition, if you bought a lot of white tea this Double 11, different categories, different forms, different years, with more or less specifications, big or small.

When does the tea expire How to store tea
Then, when storing them, they must be independent of each other.

You can put them in the same room, but not in the same cardboard box, not to mention the same bag. Separate, separate and independent, do not interfere with each other, so that they will not string together the flavor.

And, it is best to be able to choose the size of the cardboard box according to the number of tea purchased, volume, etc.. After sealing the aluminum and plastic bags separately and tying them tightly with a string, the carton should be as close as possible in order to reduce the content of air inside and keep the white tea dry all the time.

The 4

  • Rock tea and black tea, how to keep them better?

On the market, most of the rock tea and black tea are mainly packed in brewing bags.

Normally, the quality of the brewing bag is linked to the quality of the tea.
As the saying goes, a good horse goes with a good saddle.
Good tea, also need to match the good packaging.
And bad tea, random package on the line, to compress the cost as the premise, how cheap how to load.

Of course, here refers to the "good packaging", does not mean that the more gorgeous bubble bag, the more fancy the better.

Those are additional attributes, does not represent the quality, as long as it is thick, can avoid light, moisture, heat insulation, odor insulation, is good.

When does the tea expire How to store tea

Tea leaves are packed in this kind of bubble bag, and before leaving the factory, it has been sealed by machine. Then, the tea leaves inside will maintain their best aroma and flavor for a certain period of time.

As for the "certain time" how long, it depends on the owner how to save.
For example, the room where the tea is stored should not be too humid, not to mention the basement or kitchen where water vapor will gather in large quantities.
The key to preserving any type of tea is to prevent moisture.
Another example, the room where the tea is stored, the temperature should not be too high, and it should be kept cool on a daily basis.

Avoid subjecting the carton to prolonged direct sunlight, keep it away from windows, and also try to turn on as few lights as possible, with less light present.

Another example is that the room where the tea is stored should be clean and hygienic, and should not be filled with all kinds of dust and odors, otherwise it will easily affect the quality of the tea.

The 5
When does the tea expire How to store tea
Finally, I would like to remind everyone.
Tea hoarding needs to be rational, do not blindly, over-consumption.
The six major types of tea, in addition to white tea and black tea, other types of tea have your best drinking period, also known as the "shelf life".
If you hoard too much, you will miss the shelf life.
Then, for a tea aroma and flavor, more or less will have an impact.
Therefore, it is recommended that we buy tea rationally and store it reasonably.

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