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Article: What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

Fireworks life, tobacco, alcohol, sugar and tea. Smoking more on the body is not good, drink more stomach discomfort, sugar eat more easy to get fat, the only tea, you can drink every day, nourish the body, moisturize the throat, lips and teeth, drink out of health and beauty.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

Eat a lot of fish and meat, to drink tea, to help digestion, detoxification of grease. The face of many drinks, coffee, etc., only tea, the most suitable for the body. Long years, a cup of tea with the company, is the best life. Leisurely afternoon, may wish to make a cup of tea, sniffing curls of tea, or bathed in brilliant sunshine, or sitting alone in the study, a mouthful of fragrant tea, enjoy a cozy and beautiful.

All quiet night, eat dinner, a cup of tea to the window, look at the city's night scene, look at the colorful neon, look at the gradual tendency to calm the streets, look at the window of the lights, the restlessness of the heart has become calm and serene. Family members sitting around, drinking tea, chatting, relaxing, leisurely and leisurely.

Love to read and sit in the office of friends is most suitable for tea, a cup in hand, can stabilize the mind, broaden the mind, drink a mouthful of tea, read a few pages of books, tea and books around. Sitting in the office friends, especially those who face the computer, tea is the best choice, can prevent radiation, moist mouth refreshing, especially when thinking hard writing, a cup of tea to regulate a little, inspiration, is really a good choice.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

There are also many manual laborers, with a large cup to brew some of the less expensive tea, in the free time, drink a few mouthfuls of beautiful, fatigue seems to be swept away, the face with a smile of happiness and satisfaction.

Modern society, many people choose to socialize in the elegant environment of the teahouse, make a cup of tea, slowly chatting, the time is quiet, talk to each other. And a friend said, this life favorite tea, especially like rainy days when drinking tea, hazy weather, low temperature, rushing a cup of tea, holding in the palm of your hand, gently drinking, the beauty of the heart warm in the hands. Indoor tea overflowing, outdoor rain and snow fall, a cup of tea at just the right temperature, giving people the most intimate and comfortable care. That kind of wonderful, really indescribable. He also said, often drink tea friends, skin are very good, can slow down the aging, beauty!

Yes, the benefits of drinking tea really countless, think of my grandma, a lifetime love of tea, tea in the spring never had a throat, often in the summer under the shade of a cup of tea to take a cool, in the ripe fall will receive a lot of tea sent by their children, in the cold winter is inseparable from a cup of tea with hot air. Grandma drink tea body is very good, whenever we know we are coming back, will also be in advance to make a pot of fragrant tea waiting for our arrival.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

My father would take a cup of tea with him when he went out for a walk, and when I traveled, I couldn't live without tea, thinking that it was not as enjoyable as mineral water, and that the aroma of tea was a familiar fragrance that accompanied me all the way. Tasting tea, different moods throughout the year, but the same is a good mood. Tea is not strong, but people never tire of drinking, every day would like to have a cup. Tasting tea, is tasting the years, tasting life, taste the kind of tea brought by the tongue and the heart of the enjoyment and wonderful.

Tea has become an indispensable beverage in people's lives. As early as 4700 years ago in the Shennong era, people found that fresh tea can detoxify. Since then, as tea has been widely consumed, it has been found to not only benefit cardiovascular health, but also prevent cancer and slow down aging. However, the benefits of drinking tea are much more than that.

  First, you do not know the benefits of drinking tea

  Drinking tea is good for the body and mind is well known, tea contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, a variety of vitamins, etc. can play a health care and pharmacological effects.

  1, improve muscle endurance. Studies have found that tea contains a kind of antioxidants called "catechins", which can increase the body's ability to burn fat, improve muscular endurance, help to fight fatigue, increase the time of physical activity. Drink green tea, the most significant effect.

  2, resistance to ultraviolet rays. Tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances, wash your face with tea can remove facial grease, astringent pores, with disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging skin effect, but also help to reduce ultraviolet damage to the skin in the sun, is a natural "sunscreen".

  3, keep fit. The Tang Dynasty "herbal pick up" on the discussion of tea has been mentioned "long food is thin", modern scientific research has confirmed this point. Caffeine in tea can promote gastric secretion, help digestion, enhance the body's ability to decompose fat. Foreign research also shows that regular tea consumption can shrink the waistline, reduce the body mass index (BMI), thus helping to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  4, against radiation. Research shows that tea polyphenols and their oxides can absorb some radioactive substances, protect cells from radiation damage, for repair of damaged cells also help. Clinical studies have shown that tea extracts can treat mild radiation sickness caused by tumor patients in the course of radiation therapy, treatment of radiation-induced decrease in blood cells and white blood cells, with good results.

  5, improve memory. Tea polyphenols help the brain for local regulation, improve memory, improve learning efficiency. Foreign research has confirmed that drinking tea can prevent and treat neurological diseases, especially cognitive impairment in the elderly. In addition, caffeine can promote central nervous system excitation, refreshing, thinking, clearing the mind effect.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

  6, improve bone density. Although tea contains caffeine, which promotes calcium loss with urination, but the content is extremely low. Even black tea with high caffeine content, only 30 to 45 milligrams per cup. In fact, tea contains more substances that help reduce calcium loss, including fluoride, phytoestrogenic substances and potassium. Taiwan research found that regular tea drinkers have higher bone density and lower hip fracture rates.

7, drinking tea can prevent cancer.

Some studies at home and abroad have proved that no matter which kind of tea, chemical carcinogenic or metastatic tumors in experimental animals, have different degrees of prevention and treatment effects. Whether endogenous or exogenous free radicals are carcinogenic, but natural antioxidants can remove free radicals, so this natural antioxidant has a cancer prevention, anti-cancer role has been emphasized. Green tea is rich in natural antioxidants such as "tea polyphenols", and when consumed before or after meals, a variety of antioxidants will work synergistically in scavenging free radicals, thus demonstrating the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of green tea.

"Green tea polyphenols are important anti-cancer substances in green tea. Green tea in the green tea polyphenol content is five times that of ordinary tea, green tea can reduce the occurrence of certain cancers, but scientists in the past are not clear, what substances in how to play a preventive role, so can not be decided, how much green tea a day people should drink to have an effect. Green tea polyphenols may be just one of the substances in green tea that have an anti-cancer effect. They also found that the molecular structure of green tea polyphenols is similar to that of the anticancer drug methotrexate, and that DHFR is essential for both healthy and cancerous cells, and green tea polyphenols bind DHFR strongly, but weaker than methotrexate tablets, so that they have fewer side-effects on healthy cells than the anticancer drug.

  Cancer-preventing effects of pu-erh tea. After comparing the efficacy of a variety of green tea, it is determined that Pu'er tea kills and reduces cancer cells more strongly, after cancer patients drink Pu'er tea for a long time, cancer cells polygonal contraction round, pseudo-foot shrinkage is reduced, lose the ability to attach and travel, or even fall off and float up and lose; residuals are also smaller and more rounded and condensed, the nuclear solidification, chromatin coagulation or disappearance, the nuclear and plasma vacuoles, kernel solidification or fragmentation disappeared, chromosome spasm or mutual coagulation, ribosome reduction, and the nuclear and plasma vacuole. The chromosomes are spasmodic or condensed with each other, ribosomes are reduced, mitochondria and endoplasmic cells are expanded; RNA synthesis is reduced and nuclear division is stopped. These changes prove that cancer cells in the pharmacological effects of Pu'er tea, by degeneration tends to death.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for
  Drinking tea to prevent prostate cancer
  According to new research, whether you drink black tea, or green tea, can prevent prostate cancer, but also help to lower cholesterol, reduce cell damage caused by smoking, and even prevent heart disease.

  Researchers investigated 20 male patients with prostate cancer, who drank 5 cups of green tea, black tea, etc. every day before the operation, and analyzed their blood samples and prostate tissues after the operation and found that the content of phenolics was higher in their tissue samples, and the growth of cancer cells was found to be significantly slowed down after the addition of black tea, green tea, or soda in the culture fluid of cancer cells.

  Drinking green tea is good for preventing ovarian cancer
  Researchers from Australia's Curtin University and China's Zhejiang Cancer Hospital conducted experiments on 900 women in order to find out the cause of ovarian cancer. Of these, 254 were found to have ovarian cancer and 652 were healthy women. It was found that daily consumption of tea, especially green tea, significantly reduced the incidence of ovarian cancer in women. In addition to tea consumption, other factors such as smoking, oral contraceptives, physical activity, and family history of ovarian cancer can have varying effects on ovarian cancer.

  Drinking green tea may prevent skin cancer
  A new study by researchers at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire, U.S., found that drinking a few cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of two common types of skin cancer.
  After studying the dietary habits and health of 2,200 adults, a team of researchers led by the college's Judy Rees found that tea drinkers had a lower risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, two common types of skin cancer, Reuters reported. People who drink more than one cup of tea a day are 20% to 30% less likely to develop these two types of cancer than those who do not drink tea.

How to choose tea for different people

  1. Drink green tea for common brain. It is reported that green tea can help fight and prevent cancer, lower blood fat and prevent atherosclerosis. Green tea is suitable for frequent contact with toxic substances, or in the air pollution in a serious environment of the staff, these people, green tea in the active ingredients can play a protective role; for those who are addicted to alcohol and tobacco, is conducive to detoxification, sobering up; for young people in the developmental period of the youth; for brain workers, can improve the brain's degree of agility, long time to keep the mind awake, full of energy, and is conducive to enhancing the ability of thought It is suitable for people who have a deficiency of Yin; it is suitable for people who have a need for weight loss and beauty. Pregnant women drinking green tea, to the lighter flavor of the tea is good.

  2, often exercise drinking black tea. Black tea is warm, suitable for weak people, but also for sports people, physical labor crowd, drinking discretionary sugar, both conducive to increasing energy and supplemental nutrients. Pregnant women in the 1-2 months before delivery and after delivery, to drink black tea is appropriate.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for
  3, want to lose weight drink green tea. Green tea (oolong tea) with blood fat, anti-atherosclerosis, prolonging the life of the efficacy of the body for obesity, want to lose weight and beauty of the crowd, but also applicable to the sports crowd; for meat-based crowd, to help digestion; suitable for Yang deficiency, spleen and stomach cold crowd.

  4, often eat beef and sheep drink black tea. Black tea is suitable for year-round meat-based, eat beef and mutton more people, is conducive to promoting fat digestion; also applies to the weight loss crowd. In some of China's ethnic minorities, border areas, often accustomed to drinking brick tea, cake tea, pu-erh tea and other post-fermented tightly-pressurized tea, with its eating habits.

  5, poor mood drink flower tea. Flower tea is suitable for people with excessive mental labor, helps to relieve depression, refreshing; suitable for Yang deficiency constitution, spleen and stomach cold crowd; applicable to menstruation and menopausal women, can alleviate the irritability of the temperament, can be detoxification of the liver, regulating the menstruation.

  6, dry stool drink cassia seeds. Cassia seed belonging to the large intestine meridian, has the effect of laxative, often drink cassia seed tea can also assist in lowering blood lipids. Daily health care can be fried cassia seeds or has been broken cassia seeds 15 grams, directly bubble tea to drink; habitual constipation can be used to fry cassia seeds 10 to 15 grams of crushed, add 300 to 400 ml of water to decoct for 10 minutes, add 20 to 30 grams of honey and stir, morning and evening to take. But the spleen and stomach cold and loose stools, diarrhea should be used with caution.

  7, liver fire drink chrysanthemum. Many people often appear dizziness and bitterness, dry skin, mouth and tongue sores, irritability and other symptoms, which is mostly caused by too much liver fire. And chrysanthemum has wind clearing heat, clearing the liver and eyesight, nourishing the liver to reduce the role of fire, can relieve the bitter mouth, headache, sore throat and other symptoms. It is best to use chrysanthemum or chrysanthemum (i.e. the unopened flower buds of chrysanthemum) to calm liver fire. When brewing chrysanthemum tea, use boiling water of about 100 degrees to brew for 3 to 5 minutes, and drink only 1/3 of the juice left when renewing the boiling water.

What are five benefits of drinking tea? What tea good for

  Third, different tea brewing methods

  1, green tea: 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ water brewing, now drink. Green tea belongs to the unfermented tea, the more common are Xihu Longjing, Biluochun and so on. This type of tea is more delicate, not suitable for just boiling water bubble, 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ is appropriate, the ratio of tea and water to 1:50 is good, brewing time for 2 ~ 3 minutes, the best now drink. If the brewing temperature is too high or too long, polyphenols will be destroyed, the tea will not only turn yellow, the aromatic substances will also be volatile. The best way to brew green tea is to use a porcelain cup. Brewing tea first with 1/4 water to moisten the tea leaves, after 20 seconds or half a minute and then rinse water to drink, bubble green tea is generally not covered, otherwise the tea soup will be yellow.

  2, black tea: first hot water scalding cup, and then boiling water brewing. Black tea is a fully fermented tea, common high-grade work red tea and black tea. Unlike green tea, high water temperature steeping can promote the dissolution of beneficial ingredients. Therefore, the best way to brew black tea is to use freshly boiled water, the amount of water is comparable to green tea, and the brewing time is 3~5 minutes, high-grade work red tea can be brewed 3~4 times, and black tea can be brewed 1~2 times. Black tea is best brewed in a glass cup, so that you can appreciate the tea leaves in the water tumbling stretch. The specific method can be used in the middle cast method, first pour about 1/10 of hot water in the cup to scald the cup, then put in 3~5 grams of tea, and then pour water along the wall of the glass for brewing. Bubble black tea to cover the lid, so that the tea aroma will be more intense.

  3, oolong tea: use boiling water to brew several times. Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, such as Iron Goddess of Mercy, Dahongpao and so on. Bubble oolong tea is best to use professional purple sand pot or gaiwan cup, and must use 100 ℃ boiling water, oolong tea leaf casting is relatively large, basically half of the pot or gaiwan used or more, after bubbling with a lid. When brewing oolong tea, there should be a kettle on the side, the water boils and immediately rushes, the first bubble should be poured out, with the poured out water can be all the cups moistened, and then poured into the boiling water brewing and drinking. Oolong tea can be brewed many times, good quality can be brewed 7 ~ 8 times, each brewing time from short to long, to 2 ~ 5 minutes is appropriate.

  4, black tea: first wash the tea, and then boiling water brewing. Black tea is post-fermented tea, in the storage can still be natural aging over time, within a certain period of time, there is the characteristics of the more aged the more fragrant. The black tea represented by Puerh tea should also be brewed with boiling water at 100°C. The first time you brew black tea, you should use 10°C boiling water. The first time you brew black tea, use 10~20 seconds to quickly wash the tea, that is, first put the tea leaves into the cup, pour boiling water, after a while to pour the water off, then pour boiling water and cover the cup. This not only filters out the impurities of the tea leaves, but also makes the brewed tea soup more flavorful. The subsequent brewing time is often 2~3 minutes. 

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