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Article: Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

Coffee and tea, although they are both popular drinks, but one from the East, one from the West, there seems to be no intersection, but because both have a refreshing effect, so it will be taken out to compare.

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

In life, most of the coffee drinkers are young people, while tea drinkers are mostly middle-aged and old people. When people of different ages meet, more or less in the drink will produce friction. Young people think that coffee is foreign, can refresh the brain, help to improve work efficiency, the smell is unique. But people who like to drink tea, will feel that tea has more nutrients, more nourishing, long-term drink helps health. So, people who like to drink coffee, compared with people who like to drink tea, which is healthier? Let's talk about this topic today, and hope you're not drinking it wrong.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

  • Relieve fatigue

Coffee contains caffeine, a substance that not only stimulates the central nervous system and puts the body in a state of euphoria, achieving the purpose of refreshing the mind. It can also provide nutrients to the body, promote body metabolism, relieve physical stress, get rid of fatigue, relax the body and mind, and help to relieve stress.

  • Prevent gallstones

The caffeine in coffee will stimulate the contraction of the gallbladder after it enters the human body, so that part of the cholesterol in the bile will be reduced, which can prevent gallstones to a certain extent, and promote physical health.

  • Improve antioxidant capacity and reduce radiation damage

Certain components in coffee can improve the body's antioxidant capacity, the ability to resist radiation, which is very important for young people who often work on the computer, use cell phones for entertainment and recreation, can reduce the body damage, to ensure good health.

  • Alcohol

In life, many people out of work needs, need to drink to socialize. But once you drink too much alcohol, it is easy to get drunk and cognitive behavioral deviations. Therefore, it is very important to detoxify after drinking, and many people may know that honey can detoxify. But what you don't know is that drinking some coffee after drinking alcohol can also detoxify and relieve vomiting, nausea and other discomforts.

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

This is because coffee can speed up the oxidation of acetaldehyde, which is converted from alcohol in the body, so that it can be discharged from the body in the form of water and alcohol, reducing the stimulation of the body and achieving the effect of alcohol detoxification.

But coffee is also not recommended for long-term drinking, may lead to the loss of calcium in the body, increasing the risk of osteoporosis, bone fracture, bringing unnecessary pain to the body. In addition, when coffee beans are roasted, acrylamide will be produced, and this substance, once ingested in excess, can easily lead to gastric problems, high blood pressure and other diseases, affecting health.

What are the benefits of drinking tea?

  • Helps weight loss

Tea contains a variety of ingredients such as catechins, caffeine, inositol, pantothenic acid as well as folic acid, and these substances can play a role in preventing obesity after entering the body. Therefore, if you are losing weight, you may want to drink more tea, can help digestion, weight control, so that your weight loss with half the effort.

  • Remove oral odor, prevent dental caries

Certain active ingredients in tea, when passing through the mouth, can prevent tooth decay and reduce dental caries. And for people who drink and smoke all the time, drinking some tea can help improve oral odor and improve your image.

  • Prevention of intestinal diseases

Nowadays, although people's diet is rich, but frequent gastrointestinal diseases. The tea polyphenols in tea can combine with single-cell bacteria after entering the body, making the protein coagulation and precipitation, and achieve the effect of sterilization.

A study found that the typhoid bacteria, E. coli and other harmful bacteria in strong tea, a few minutes later, the bacteria will be inactive, therefore, often drink tea to help prevent intestinal diseases.

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis

Certain substances in tea have an inhibitory effect on the formation of lipid plaques in the endothelium of blood vessels, therefore, regular consumption of tea can prevent atherosclerosis, regulate blood pressure, reduce the risk of the onset of cerebral thrombosis, and protect cardiovascular health.

  • Delay aging

Want to delay aging, the body to improve the anti-oxidant capacity, many people will eat vitamin E. However, compared with vitamin E, tea has a more powerful anti-aging effect, is nearly 20 times it. So drink tea regularly, can inhibit cellular aging, prolong life, delay aging, keep young.

Although drinking tea has many benefits, but people with anemia should not drink it for a long time, the ellagic acid in it will affect the body's absorption of iron and aggravate the condition. In addition, pregnant women are not recommended to drink tea, may make the baby development of thin and small, there are health problems. In addition, people with neurasthenia should not drink tea, which can easily lead to insomnia and aggravate the condition. The two are not divided into two, it is difficult to say which one is the best, depending on personal taste.

Some people like to drink tea, think that drinking tea can make people in a busy environment, to obtain a quiet and at ease. Some people like to drink coffee, a mouthful of coffee down, will be able to refresh the brain, stay awake!
So the question arises: is it good to drink tea, or coffee?

Unexpectedly, the original coffee + tea, is a better match. Related researchers collected data from nearly 500,000 people, analyzed the association between coffee and tea consumption alone or in combination with total and cause-specific mortality, and found that drinking <1~2 cups of coffee + 2~4 cups of tea per day could reduce the risk of all-cause mortality by 22%, cardiovascular disease mortality by 24%, and respiratory disease mortality by 31% in participants!

Tea and coffee both have caffeine, and these two types of caffeinated beverages also "come with" another advantage - helping to lose weight!

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

Some studies have shown that a higher concentration of caffeine in the plasma, the thermogenic reaction will be increased, the consumption of energy is higher, can effectively reduce the fat content of the human body, on the occurrence of type 2 diabetes has a preventive effect. Specifically, for every 1 standard deviation increase in plasma caffeine, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced by 19 to 23%.

Not only that, but drinking a combination of coffee and tea is more effective at reducing the risk of stroke and dementia diseases than drinking just one of them.

Although coffee + tea is good

In order to be healthy, you also need to pay attention to these points

Although there are so many benefits of drinking tea and coffee, many people drink it every day, but they do not drink it right!

1. Drinking too much tea and coffee

Some people in their daily lives, completely tea and coffee as water. As the saying goes, "too much is not enough", and then the good things, but also to "stop in moderation. Therefore, drinking tea and coffee should also pay attention to a degree.

For adults, tea drinking tea should not be too strong, tea brewing no more than 12 grams per day, divided into 3 ~ 4 times brewing. Drinking too strong tea may increase the risk of stomach problems and even stomach cancer; also contains high fluoride, drinking too much may induce stones.

And coffee consumption in 3~5 cups, that is, daily intake of no more than 400 mg of caffeine. Special attention should be paid to the fact that some people are more sensitive to caffeine, if you are prone to rapid heartbeat or even panic after drinking tea or coffee, you have to drink less or even do not drink.

2. Drinking too hot tea or coffee

Drinking tea or coffee that is too hot may burn the esophageal mucosa and increase the risk of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer. The surface of the esophagus is covered with delicate mucosa, and the temperature of the food has a great influence on it: 10℃~40℃ is the most suitable; 50℃~60℃ is barely tolerable; above 65℃, it will cause burns. Do not feel that 65 ℃ temperature is very high, just brewed tea or coffee, it is easy to exceed this temperature.

3. Should not drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach

Tea, especially green tea, tea polyphenols, caffeine and other content is very high, if you drink on an empty stomach, some of the active substances will be combined with the protein in the stomach, the formation of gastric stimulation, easy to injure the stomach, but also more likely to panic, dizziness and other phenomena. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can stimulate the sympathetic nerves, relieve fatigue, but appetite will decline, cause stomach discomfort, and even cause gastritis, aggravate the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the stomach's digestion and absorption. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach for a long time will also lead to nausea and bloating.

Why black tea is better than coffee Tea vs coffee caffeine

4. Coffee and tea should not be drunk when taking medication

Like cold medicine, sleeping pills, vitamins, thyroid hormone drugs, etc., are not recommended to drink coffee and tea-related beverages, because of the caffeine and tannic acid components, may interfere with drug metabolism, and interaction, adverse reactions.

This kind of tea and coffee, not recommended to drink more

Nowadays, there is an endless variety of tea and coffee drinks on the market, such as peach green tea, coconut milk latte and so on. These seem to be tea and coffee drinks, but it is not appropriate to drink more.

"Spiked" tea or coffee, either too much milk, or too much sugar, and some will even add some food flavorings, etc., so it is not recommended to drink more. Drinking coffee is recommended to minimize or not add sugar, milk, coffee partner, tea is recommended to drink pure tea, do not add additional honey and so on to flavor.

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